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Different types of graphic design in the modern world

Graphic Design is a combination of artworks, images, and texts, fused creatively to convey different messages, fulfil different needs, or even solve difficult problems.

In themodern day, Graphic Design is used in every industry, because it is very versatile, so much so that any average person or a beginner might not be able to differentiate between different types of graphic design when they see it and might need clarification.

To clear some of that confusion here are the main types of graphic design that are widely used in the modern world.

  1. UI/UX and Web design
  2. Motion graphics and animation
  3. Advertisement Design
  4. Product Packaging
  5. Print and publication
  6. 3d graphics
  7. Branding/brand design

Here we’ll be discussing all the above-mentioned types hopefully clearing out some confusion

1. UI/UX & Web design – UI/UX or user interface and user experience design, is a relatively modern form of graphic design and is only used for on-screen use purposes. We surf through the internet, interacting with everything,

Designing the whole interface in a way that is immersive, fun, and easy to use, so that the users can have a good experience, is what UX/UI designers do. It requires good planning, problem-solving skills, and a good understanding of design and user psychology.

2. Motion graphics and animation – We all have seen animations, whether it is a movie or a landing page of a website, we have seen images, and characters floating around, squashing and stretching, doing all sorts of things. Motion graphics is also just animation, only coined to describe a specific type of animation.

3. Advertisement Design – Advertisements have been used by companies and businesses throughout history. But in modern days it has also evolved, by adopting new technologies and incorporating other forms of art, like 3d, and videography, and being more and more creative with print advertisements

You have to be a creative thinker and be very skillful in photo and video editing software to produce good-quality work.

4. Product Packaging – Product packaging is a very interesting form of graphic design where you get to design the packages for any product, from the actual shape of the package to the visuals on top of it,

5. Print and publication – Newspapers, magazines, posters, books, everything that you see printed in the real world, on papers or other materials, are defined as print media.

You not only have to be creative with your visuals, but you also have to be very precise with dimensions and resolutions whenever you are creating any design for any print media.

6. 3d graphics – This is a totally different form than every other we have talked about so far, and requires a totally different set of skills. Modern 3d software like Blender or Maya are very advance and if used properly they can create amazing eye-catching visuals which can be used for various purposes like games, movies, animations, websites, and even prints,

7. Branding/brand design – Also known as “Visual Identity design”. There are designers who help businesses and companies create visuals to make their brands stand out. Choosing brand colours, creating logos, and other visual elements are just small parts of branding/visual identity design. Designers who work In this field, need to be efficient in both their research and execution and have to maintain consistency throughout the whole project, every time.

One thing to mention here. Depending on the requirements, some or all of the previous types of graphic design might be used in branding.

which is why designers should always be adaptive and look for new and exciting ways to solve problems, which will broaden their knowledge and also help them advance in their careers.

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